Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Paint + Golden Hamster Game

Heya, It's Rom (;
I have some bussy days at the moment but I am always trying to find some time to update my blog and make cool stuffs :[)


Lets start with a new paint
I didn't finish a serious paint for long time and I sketched this character alot before so I decided to spend some time making this:

He's supposed to be the younger version of "Trasoside" character with some food in his mouth :P

Golden Hamster Game

Now about Golden Hamster game,
Me and Tom (PoisonBit) made that game like 5 months ago for the #28 Ludum Dare competition.
I didn't blog anything about this game because I didn't really like the final result (at the beggining it starts smooth and all, but after playing  for a couple of minutes it becomes unbalanced and your hero becomes "OP")
Since that ludum dare, this game was abandoned.
Anyway, today, I published this game in Kongregate.
You can play it, but as I said, you'll soon find out that the game is far from being balanced.

Maybe one day we will finish this game and make it more playable, but for now, we'll leave it as is.

Cya in the next post!
Trasoside - Rom