Monday, September 22, 2014

Ludum Dare #30 Game, Pixel Arts, New Animation

Ludum Dare #30

Yeah, so this was my game for the LD30, couldn't finish it but I'm still kinda proud of it
I spent a long time thinking of a good idea
The animations took a long time to do, mainly because it was my first time doing this kind of animations.
Programing it wasn't so easy too.

You can play it here (windows exe):

I might make a newer version of it and publish it for other platforms too ;)

Pixel Art

I call this piece "Memories of Humanity"
link to deviant art:

New Animation

Its my first time trying to pixel art and animating in Photoshop, I found Photoshop way more fun to pixel art.
link to deviant art:

Alright so this is it for this post,

See ya next time !


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Paint + Golden Hamster Game

Heya, It's Rom (;
I have some bussy days at the moment but I am always trying to find some time to update my blog and make cool stuffs :[)


Lets start with a new paint
I didn't finish a serious paint for long time and I sketched this character alot before so I decided to spend some time making this:

He's supposed to be the younger version of "Trasoside" character with some food in his mouth :P

Golden Hamster Game

Now about Golden Hamster game,
Me and Tom (PoisonBit) made that game like 5 months ago for the #28 Ludum Dare competition.
I didn't blog anything about this game because I didn't really like the final result (at the beggining it starts smooth and all, but after playing  for a couple of minutes it becomes unbalanced and your hero becomes "OP")
Since that ludum dare, this game was abandoned.
Anyway, today, I published this game in Kongregate.
You can play it, but as I said, you'll soon find out that the game is far from being balanced.

Maybe one day we will finish this game and make it more playable, but for now, we'll leave it as is.

Cya in the next post!
Trasoside - Rom

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Worms War Evolution| New MultiPlayer Game!

Hey friends! Its Rom(Trasoside),
Do you remember my last post about the Worms War Evolution game?
A brand news!
Forever Alone Snake - NO MORE

I have published an awesome update,
from now on, snake is no more the "forever alone guy" that we all knew from school.
From now on, snake have got himself some new friends, but no one stays friends forever
when only one can win.

In the last week I developed an online version for my game WWE (Worms War Evolution)

It may have some bugs, but it's still playable :)
All you have to do is to click "Network Game" then "Host"
and tell your friends to connect to your ip/port! (hamachi is the best solution for porting)

Known Bugs:

-When the game is over, everyone will recieve a lovely error. So everyone will have  to re-open the game.
-Bodies may not be exactly at their real place
-The bigger your ping is, the bigger the delay for clients is.

Thank you for following : )

Enjoy guys!
Let me know what you think, I worked hard on this one !



Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ludum Dare #29 | WWE(Worms War Evolution)

Hey everybody!
I didn't post anything for a really long time, sorry about that ( I am still at school :p)

Anyway, I'm here to present you my game for the #29 ludum dare competition!

Deep beneath the surface,
there are some worms who only wants to develop and grow,
ofcourse you won't let them do it by themself...
So this is what you will actually do in this game!

Choose your players, how to control them, and play!

Check out our game in Ludum Dare (Click Here!)

I really enjoyed making this game, thinking about solutions for problems such as the worm movement, AI, score system.

Future Features:

-Multi-player(online). Players will be able to host and join online games (entering ip/port).
-Mobile version.

-More powerups
-Better design
Thanks for reading,
See you in the next post! :)

Trasoside (Rom)