Monday, September 22, 2014

Ludum Dare #30 Game, Pixel Arts, New Animation

Ludum Dare #30

Yeah, so this was my game for the LD30, couldn't finish it but I'm still kinda proud of it
I spent a long time thinking of a good idea
The animations took a long time to do, mainly because it was my first time doing this kind of animations.
Programing it wasn't so easy too.

You can play it here (windows exe):

I might make a newer version of it and publish it for other platforms too ;)

Pixel Art

I call this piece "Memories of Humanity"
link to deviant art:

New Animation

Its my first time trying to pixel art and animating in Photoshop, I found Photoshop way more fun to pixel art.
link to deviant art:

Alright so this is it for this post,

See ya next time !