Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ludum Dare #29 | WWE(Worms War Evolution)

Hey everybody!
I didn't post anything for a really long time, sorry about that ( I am still at school :p)

Anyway, I'm here to present you my game for the #29 ludum dare competition!

Deep beneath the surface,
there are some worms who only wants to develop and grow,
ofcourse you won't let them do it by themself...
So this is what you will actually do in this game!

Choose your players, how to control them, and play!

Check out our game in Ludum Dare (Click Here!)

I really enjoyed making this game, thinking about solutions for problems such as the worm movement, AI, score system.

Future Features:

-Multi-player(online). Players will be able to host and join online games (entering ip/port).
-Mobile version.

-More powerups
-Better design
Thanks for reading,
See you in the next post! :)

Trasoside (Rom)