Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SunFury MapCreator Overview~

Hey there this is Trasoside~
Today's post is about a map creator made for my team 'SunFury' future game.
I'll talk about the team and the game in other posts,
But for now, you can enjoy watching this overview~

Worked on it about a month
Let us know what you think!
This map is just for test of course...

Draw a Map: 0:08
Set Backgrounds and Tile: 1:01
Adjust Ground Lines: 2:27
Curves System: 3:00
Different Objects: 4:00
CutScenes: 5:04
Maps: 6:05
Undo/Redo: 6:49
Save and Load: 7:23

"Bust This Bust That Pt. 1 & 2" by Professor Kliq ( - music

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